PayPal ruined my life, I don't have any money!

Everyone knows PayPal hates sellers over their buyers.  Charge backs ruined my life, so recently i sold my 2,000 dollars gaming PC and then the buyer charged me back. PayPal decided in their favor. I had already spent some of the money and now I lost my gaming PC I got for my birthday and am negative 682 dollars. I don't have any money and PayPal says they will send debt collectors after me if I don't pay. I am actually scared I am only 15 and my mom will kill me please someone help me pay this off. I never thought PayPal would do this too me. I have 200 dollars right now but if anyone could help me pay off this debt. It isn't fair as not only did I lose my money I lost my gaming PC, and now my mom wants to know where the money went. I can't just tell her I lost it to this system of PayPal charge backs. I tried disputing it but PayPal didn't care. I even called them and they still did not care at all! I am stuck to this as my only option. It is either this or I sell my phone to pay it off. PayPal and this screwed buyer made my life miserable. I can still not get over the fact that I lost my gaming PC, my mom and dad are divorced and I live with my mom. She has a minimum wage job and had to save for months to get me that PC for my birthday. I am convinced that if I don't get this fixed soon I am convinced I will be grounded till I am 18. I still am in disbelief as to how people can be so heartless the buyer himself in a personal conversation literally started making fun of me about what he has done. My PayPal Email: Contact Email: Phone Number: 720-401-0162 Skype: millaplaysmc My PayPal Balance Now: Please. -Adam