Paying Bills...Please

Chrissy, MD

Hello... First...I would like to say thank you to anyone who is willing to help! My name is Chrissy and I am in need of someone's help. About 2 months ago, everyone including myself was laid off from a daycare I worked with for years. I guess my job lost the business due to the economy not fully being back on track. I live by myself and right now I really feel like i am by myself. I have been looking for jobs daily, and sadly no one is hiring at this moment. I have two bills that need to paid and I dont have any money. My rent is $1135 and my hospital bill is $500. The last payment I could make was in the end of July. Every night I would pray and ask for a job opportunity and still I haven't found one yet to pay my bills. I would never lose faith due to my circumstances. I have tried selling some things of mine but I have ran out of things to sell to make ends meet. Please someone.... any donation will help.