Pay Off My Debts

Arkadianm, Melbourne

So I'm lying in bed. It's about 4 in the morning here. I'm feeling rather sleepy, and lonely too. I have had just over 800 views to my site so far over the last week. I'm surprised to say the least. Although, my attempt to get people to help me out is very unsuccessful as I have earned nothing whatsoever so far. The problem? I'm just a sad boy and I don't know the "right way" to get people to help me out. Plus... If I were you my "alarm bells" would be going off saying "who does he think he is". Anyway I had a feeling it wouldn't really be successful. I was thinking someone might donate at least a dollar but in this economy I'd be lucky to get fifty cents. Who would donate to a stranger for no reason. Here's my proposal... I'm desperate... I need lots of help. And probably some of the help I need is psychological to deal with my smoking and spending. I've stopped spending and haven't for a while so that's good. I propose you give me a dollar. For every dollar I will smile and be happy for a day. If you give me fifty dollars I smile for fifty days. If you give me two dollars I smile for two days. I see you get the drift. I have at least thirty thousand smiles to go until my "sad face" phase is completely broken and the world is fixed. Please find it in your hearts to help me. I would be forever grateful to you. ** Arkadian **