Pay enough bills off to hopefully give my kids somewhat of a Christmas

Injured f, Texas

I'm a firefighter in Texas with two kids and a wife going to school. In February, while training forcible entry (breaking down doors), I tore a ligament in my left wrist. Although workman’s comp was covering 75 percent of my pay, they were making those payments every three to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, during that time many of my payments for phone, utility, and even mortgage ran past due and accumulated a ridiculous amount of late fees. I have been back to work for one month and have only barely started getting my bills together, but because I am so far behind we are still barely able to make minimum payments to avoid incurring any more late fees. I just spent my last check entirely on our mortgage, to keep the water from getting shut off again, and on our car payments. The account is now negative. Now, we barely have enough cash for gas for myself to go to work and my wife to go to school (not to mention her brakes on her vehicle are way overdue to be replaced). My retired firefighter father offered to buy us groceries for the next 2 weeks, but due to his fixed income and his own personal medical bills, I have a hard time accepting his money, because he will be putting himself in a financial bind. Anything you can do to help alleviate the financial crisis we are in would help to make us stable enough to at least get my children gifts for this Christmas. This is my first time, so I really don't know if this will work, but I certainly hope it does because I have absolutely no other options. Thank you all so much.