Past due bills

BreakingE, Missouri

I am hoping for a kickstart to pay off my past due bills. My husband has been unemployed for over two years and one hourly wage hasn't been able to keep up with a family of four. Our house has been in and back out of forclosure so the mortgage company has legal fees for that as well as the late fees on the montly bill for being behind. The utility companies and every other bill has late fees too. My checks are now being garnished 10% for the one credit card we had that defaulted back when my husband lost his job. I recently got a higher paying job (Yay!), but it is further away from home so our gas cost is up. The bank account goes in the negative every week wich adds overdraft fees. When my new check comes in it is already gone and the cycle starts over!! I honestly think that if I can just earn enough to be current on everything and start paying my bills instead of my late fees that my family and I will be fine. I promise that any funds gained here will go to this goal and nothing else. Thank you in advance to anyone able to help. I hope to be able to do the same for others here when I am better off. Thank You!