Past Due Bills, Car Repair, Rent

Family of, San Jose,

Hi. My husband and I have 5 children. They range in age from 13 years old to 16 months old. The house we were renting was sold in a short sale because the owner was facing a possible foreclosure. We only had 2 weeks. We found another house, but the landlord needed first, last, and security deposit for us to move in. I was able to give him the first and deposit, and asked him to give me some time on the last month. Well the deadline is coming up and I am at a loss. I work full time and my husband is permanently disabled in a bad construction accident. We have always been hard working people that take care of our responsibilities, but we are at a loss right now. I depleted my savings for this move, and it has just been one thing after the other. Our car is old, PAID OFF THOUGH, but is in bad shape, and this is my source of income. I live about 40 minutes from where I work, and if I lose my car we will definitely be homeless. We need a total of about $2500. If you can help at all we are genuinely grateful. I will repay this forward, when we are back on our feet. I try so hard to make a better life for our children and these past couple of years has been this huge uphill struggle with the accident and the sudden move, and all of my horrible medical issues. Thank you in advance!