Out on the streets of Japan soon

Can I liv, Japan

My life was going well up until around a week ago. I had moved to Japan from the UK and married. We had a beautiful baby girl together and everything seemed normal. It wasn't until 2 weeks ago that my life came crashing down around me when my wife abducted our child and ran off to hide behind her family (a very common occurrence in Japan). The reason? my employment came to an end and we were facing financial difficulty imminently. I had been using my salary to pay the rent and bills and my wife had no salary as she was taking care of the baby. My wife has now asked for a divorce and I face losing my daughter and being on the streets in either the UK or Japan. I have no family who can help me in either country. So I sat here with what little time I have left, wondering what the American Dream really means. From my research it seems that it means freedom, a family, a house, a car and everything else which makes up the dream life. I am not asking for all of that from this request. I just want the opportunity to see if I can make a go of it. This isn't a last ditch effort either. I have been wondering what the "dream" actually is for a long time now. At first I though it was just a phrase but as I have learned more and more I realize it is much more. I have no money to my name at the moment but isn't that what the American Dream allows for ? to give somebody the chance to change their life for the better in a country which actually cares about them. To take people under the wing when nobody else cares. I thank you for reading and I do apologize for the long description. Humbly -Robert