out of hope

Please he, India

Who ever is reading this, thank you for giving me a chance. I am a 22 year old girl, with huge family crisis - financial. I tried everything i can to find permanent and part time jobs and I am trying to save money, but i cant make ends meet and provide for my family of 4. my parents are aged, my dad has cancer- we treated it by getting loans, but there is chance of recurrence and he is bed ridden , my sister excels in her studies but fees and other stuff for her studies i cant afford... I have a bank loan (home loan)of Rs.1000000 INR and education loan of Rs.400000INR, with other non institutional loans taken for my father's treatment amounting to rs.100000.. please help me collect some money or I'l lose everything i hold dear.. I have no one else to turn to.. every little penny counts. the lives of an entire family depends on one small act of kindness... please help us! God bless.