One Step To Being Homeless!

Monta, Virginia

Back in 2005 I quit my day job to start my own business. I tried for 4 years to grow it successfully until the economy took a downturn on me. I had to start using my credit cards and 401k in 2008 to help keep my business afloat. Dumb move on my part right? Starting in 2009-2010, I lost my car, my house and my business. I let pride get in the way. Over the past year I have been looking for a good job to no prevail. I am begging and asking for $400 dollars to help pay past due rent for October. I can even pay it back in about 3 weeks, as i have a contractor who is going to pay me for some side work. I just need a little help TODAY, so i can keep myself together with dignity with a roof over my head. Every $ is appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!