nursing student looking for funds to help complete last 4 weeks of course

Student N, UK The mi

Hi there, I am almost at the end of my nurse training with only weeks left however due to transport costs getting to and from my full-time nursing placement everyday and lack of money (earn less than minimum wage to train as a nurse!) I am down to my last pennies. I am currently working full time on placement and have a dissertation and two assignments to hand in, within the next four weeks. Any donation to see me through the next few weeks would be greatly appreciated. I am living on toast at the moment as all my wages goes on fuel to commute to a hospital I have to work at 40 miles (80mile round trip daily) away. (Public transport would cost more, hence why I drive) I will commence a full time job working as a nurse once I qualify but am facing a tough couple of months before that happens. All I want to do is care for others but as it stands I am not going to be able to afford to pay to get to work and look after patients in the next few weeks. Please help if you can. I will provide evidence of my nursing qualification once I pass if you donate.