not able to recover from my debts

Dbpbabu, Chn

With our Heartly Greetings! I am dbpbabu with family of three children and I need help to save us, no motive to take others money to become rich only to recovery from our troubbled and struggling life not able to survive and alive of poverty surrounds us... I am in troubled life with family of three children and now doing part time job and it is daily wages, it is only income to feed my family. Once lived happily but time changes everything to starving life with three children with debts of $26690. Help us to recover my family and to clear my debts. my children are studying good in studies but unable to educate them further and my worry is not able to save them and the future, every thing is critical now and not able to fight back into my life of poverty surrounds my family, and no support to my life, I am trusted and educated person with failures of life continues not able to recover with my trails and debts, I belive in God and humanity helping peoples. I lost everything with my struggles of life to save my family,even my house and all properties to save my children.Our life is in panic and without support and looking for a needy help to come back into my feet and to save my family of three children. I am a real and trusted person, If I get into my feet I will give it back with my honest. With your blessings and good heart help saves us and your's help saves a family drowning below poverty and your contribution saves a family of three children life and us. kindly consider our struggling life and take as your family member and save us, i humbly asking you give your full heart of help to keep survey in the presant struggling and not able to keep our life alive further in the bad luck of surrounds us and my children. By give us a hand to pull out from the struggling life.. No more to live without a help and no more to ask us, only the way I am trying with God like you to help us and lift us Please help us by your way and save us through my paypal email id Thanks With regards