no toilet paper and close to homeless

Mammajojo, Houma lou

I am begging for help, all we need is money for toilet paper and 722.00 for rent and a few extra dollars for a few basic groceries , please I cannot do this alone, I've tried so hard. I am disabled as is my 10 year old son, we only have each other.Please someone out there help me to get on my feet., I will happily send reciepts to those that are willing to take a chance on us. I have tried all social sevice agencies to no avail. I have tried keeping everything together since my husband walked out on us, he doesn't have to pay child support as my son isn't his child, and the father is completely out of the picture. All I'm begging for is a hand up, to get us back on track. I will of course pay forward and send thank you notes to any and all that can see their way to helping. Thank you in advance.