No resources have to clear credit card debt

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you can award a new lease of life to a recovering senior citizen, who has undergone a cardiac procedure some time ago, Its not a ploy to collect money but a real life story of myself and my wife. Iam aged 69 years and has to undergo cardiac procedure on emergency basis as the block shown 99% closed, But i have no resources or income as I retired from a private organisation some 8 years ago. So I have to borrow from various sources to meet the cost which has come to INR.2.4 lacs plus other charges amounting to($5000 approx). Now I have nothing to repay the debts and the creditors started harassing me to clear all dues with interest. I am not in a position in to counter them. Now the only way is to appeal all good hearted,generous and humane people to help me to clear all debts. This will provide me a chance to start afresh and can live peacefully with my wife. So I appeal all of you to come forward and help me by donating your mite so that i can raise $5500 and clear off all debts for this life. WE PRAY FOR ALL THE DONORS FOR THE HELP.