No money to fix car

Got in a , Minnesota

In May, I took my first long drive on my own. It'd be a three hour trip to the closest city to visit my friend who was graduating. Little did I know that I wouldn't make it to the graduation. 27 minutes from my destination, the front left tire of my vehicle just busted, making me lose control completely and crash against the median divider. I was cruising on the highway at 70 mph and after I crashed my cruise control did not turn off, so I kept going, disoriented, for about 30 yards or so, until my brain got a hold of itself. I distinctly remember telling myself "find the break" before attempting to stop my vehicle from continuing on crashing against the median divider. My insurance agent had told me that since my car was not particularly new that it was not worth my money to get comprehensive insurance, which meant I had a huge bill that I had to pay out of pocket just to leave my car in driveable condition. I live in a place where it snows, a lot, and I would like to be able to get my vehicle completely fixed before the bad weather starts which should be around October. Any kind soul willing to help me out there? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!!!