No money, foreign country.

Fake love, Amsterdam

This year I thought I fell in love with this beautiful Dutch girl I met online. Being a romantic kid of 19 I naively decided I would meet up with her. We've talked and skyped all year and 2 days ago I finally flew to holland to see her. It turns out there was no girl, just some "troll" who used a cam bot to fool me, pretty embarrassing eh? Flew all the way to Amsterdam for love and got laughed at instead. Well, I guess that's my fault, lesson learned eh? Well then I decided to make the most of my week here and went to Amsterdam yesterday, my first night went well in this beautiful city and I enjoyed it, I even felt better about being so guillable in the first place. Well, as if that wasn't enough as I was walking through the market this morning someone somehow managed to steal my wallet out of the front pocket of my jacket without me even noticing. I now have only 25€ out of the original 500 I came with. Again, you could say its my fault, but I'm having some pretty bad luck here... So if anyone could help me out, I'm not asking for you guys to refund that 500€ or anything, I only want whatever you can give me to help me get a plane ticket back to the UK. Just 1$ to 5$, whatever would be great. I'll be begging in dam square tomorrow so if you're in Amsterdam tomorrow, see you there lol, Thanks in advance.