No jobs left in this Country

Disgraced, Portugal

Our Country´s Economy is Bust We are a Portuguese family of 5 and only one of us has a job making the minimum wage ~ 500 euro per month. My father is an ex heroin addict who cant get a job my brother is a teenager too young to work. we barely have money to eat, let alone pay the bills.. All we have is this poor house built by my great grandfather but its worth nothing , we cant sell it andwe couldn´t afford a rent in another place anyway.. I had to stop studying 'cause i cant afford the tuition ( its only ~1000 euro per year) Pls help , I'm the only chance this family has, i cant find a job, there are no jobs im intelligent and have a good chance in succeding. Spare a few dollar so we can pay the bills or maybe i can finish school and work abroad, so i can save this family from disgrace. 100 euro extra per month would make a great difference. use paypal to send money to (our paypal account) a little help makes a difference, Thank you Very much