No Insurance--No Job

I am a diabetic, without a thyroid, with a possible torn ACL, and have several broken, decayed teeth in my mouth. While my medical needs are many; these four are of the most concern. I have no money to buy test strips and my blood glucose levels remain high and unmonitored. I have no income and cannot afford the $20 sliding scale fee at the local clinic. In addition to the $20 office fee--I need funds to pay for blood work that is required for Rx(s). If I do not get blood work--my Rx(s) will not be re-written. I must have thyroid hormone; as I have no thyroid. My knee keeps me in a situation of barely being able to stand; let alone walk or climb stairs. My teeth are constantly causing pain and I am unable to chew on the back left side--because of a broken molar. I am unable to chew on the right side--due to a temporary cap (6-8 weeks) that was placed in my mouth over 5 years ago. I had worked as a housekeeper/cook and my current limitations do not allow me to perform those tasks. Climbing stairs is especially painful. I have had an xray to my knee but, an MRI is necessary and possibly surgery. I am ineligible for TENNCARE because I do not have cancer (breast or cervical). I am more than willing to work but, have been unable to find suitable work because of my physical limitations. Please help!