No income.

Student, Estonia

Hello! It is fairly simple. I'm here because i don't have money to pay my bills. I'm 19 years old and i've lived my whole life in the orphanage, until recently, i got into university and had to move to other city. I even got a job, but they fired me. In my country it is quite hard to get a job when you are young, inexperienced and even the sex means quite a big salary difference. Wages are way too small for the prices around here. And most people struggle every day here to get by. Not only the young but older people too are struggling for food and a roof over their heads. There's not only me, there is never only me. Quite sad. Constant worry over something that many people take for granted. Still, i came here to beg for money, but it is okay if you don't donate, life is never about money..but it sure makes things easier ;) I guess i got that off my chest, even if that doesn't change anything. And i'm sorry for my not so good english skills.