Newly married & wanting / needing to move interstate for work

Hi there :) I've recently got married to a wonderful man, but our finances aren't at all good, seeing as my husband is on a disability pension and I'm currently unemployed. I've applied for heaps of work where we are since moving here in jan but have been unable to secure any work. We've decided that it would be best for us to move interstate ASAP. having just spent our limited money on getting married 2 weeks ago,  we are now broke. i don't want to be stuck in this rutt of not working and not being able to save. We eventually want to start a family but we won't do that until we're financially stable. If we don't move, I doubt we'll ever be able to afford to raise a family. We are struggling as it is on what we get from the government. If you can find it in your heart to donate, we'd be forever grateful. At this stage we plan on leaving most of our stuff here in storage while we drive interstate to find work / accommodation, then we'll need to save to get our possessions  there. With me being the only one of us working you can imagine the financial strain that I feel. Thanks for reading