Never done this before but i have resorted to this in hope

Nic, Uk

I am a 34 year old woman and i have never done anything like this before, i believe in working hard and standing on your own 2 feet in life. However... 4 years ago my mum and dad were loosing their home we lived in since childhood, i took out a loan without them knowing for 5,000 to pay for their mortgage arrears. I told them i won the money on a scratchcard and wanted to help them from loosing their home. This happened because my dad was a self employed artist but work hit a low point and he had to start working from home as the rates were too high and business wasnt coming in. I then had a run of bad luck and suffered an accident preventing me from working for 6 months, i had no insurance on my loan and i fell behind with payments. Since them it has spiralled out of control as i had to live on a credit card which also fell behind as i couldnt live on the sick pay i was getting. In life it is hard because you do a good deed and then this happens. Im glad a was able to save my mum and dads home but i cant even tell them the truth as they are struggling themselves to bring the work in, they are only just managing. I am trying to raise £1,800 which is left to pay on the loan so i can then focus on a £2,200 credit card debt. It nearly provoked me to take my life as i couldn't cope but i realised that is a selfish persons way out