Negatively geared financially

Charlese5, New zeala

My work and financial life has hit rock bottom due to illness and injury. Two years ago I was stricken with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I struggled with this condition while trying to hold onto my job for twelve months. Working in a heavy industry while badly fatigued caused an injury to my spine and I have now been out of work for twelve months due to this with no end in sight. CFS has no known cure, so the road ahead will be tough for sometime to come. I have sold all of my posessions to buy food and pay bills, but have run out of things worth selling. If you can genuinely help me I will be forever grateful. It is sad that I have only had people trying to loan me money, of which more debt is the last thing I need. I have also been contacted by scammers and for a man in my financial position, that is a despicable act!