Needing to move

Wally, Canada

I am far from what I would consider a "begger". I have worked since I was in grade 8. Some weeks during my school years I worked full-time. I refused to ask my parents for money to buy needless things. But folks, I am appealing to kind and generous hearts. I do not feel entitled to your donations, I am merely asking if you have extra and are willing to help a young fella (26 years old), I would be most indebted to you all. I recently was taken off work for surgery on my arm. Elbow and wrist. Since getting taken off work, my funds have diminished immensely. Bills do that, apparently. I am not a partier, so my money isn't wasted on alcohol or tobacco or anything of the sort. My roomate who "owns" our apartment is giving it up, and I am now in need of the money to find new accomodations. Any help a generous soul could give would be appreciated beyond belief. Thank you in advance.