Needing help with paying back debt

Bruck Get, Addis Aba

Dear Sir/ Madam, First of all I would like to express my respect and gratitude for letting me express my problem. I am seeking your assistance in helping me pay back my debt for money I borrowed from my parents 2 years ago (in 2013). The money they lent me was for the purpose of paying back my debt that I owed to my former company (my obligation as a resigning employee) for loan granted to me from company’s Credit establishment and training and service agreement payment for company’s managerial course that I attended. Thanks to their support back then, I was able to clear the debts and resign from company effectively to join company I am working for now. At that time I promised my parents that I will recover money and pay them back within a maximum of 1 year from my resignation date. I was in hope that my current company would have facilitated for provision of a loan, but that plan did not materialize. I continuously attempted to contact my current company's HQ (as am currently based at the branch office here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), but my effort was in vain. I was also hoping that I was going to be in a position to save up some money and pay them back on time. But due to different reasons apart from no hope of securing a loan - rise of cost of living (especially house rent), the devaluation of Ethiopian Birr against the U.S. dollar, and critical monthly payment I have to make for government condominium housing membership; I am still not able to meet my obligation as I promised 2 years ago. The bank that our company is dealing with does not provide cash loans without collateral. As there is no property registered in my name, I could not opt for this loan option. I was seeking to get loan from my friends here and abroad and my siblings outside the country, but due to their own commitments I am not able to secure the loan or cash I needed to pay back to my parents. My parents lent me money that they saved up most of their lives. Both my parents retired over a year ago, my father in September 2014 and my mother in January 2014, now they have no monthly salary, no secured income. I failed to keep my promise until now. The total amount of money am looking for is USD 2,360 approximately (Ethiopian Birr 48,893.66) – by current exchange rate. For your kind consideration, I have attached copies of receipts for payments made to my former company upon my resignation (currency in Ethiopian Birr). I am ready to provide further information you may require in order to help you consider my case and would like to assure you that am at your discretion.