Needing a helping hand

Mike, Prince Ge

Well a couple a months ago our family had a something horrific happened to one our kids something that changed our family and not for the better. Our 11 year old was beaten and sexually assaulted by two boys she new from school I won't go into great detail but she was kicked out of school for telling a friend what happened to her and yes I know that sounds far fetched but I assure you it is true as for the boy's they still go to that school and nothing has happened to them because they were under the age to be charged. Before she got kicked out of school one of the teachers told her to get over it because it happens to lots of people. So after following all the right steps and telling all the right people your told to just be quite now does that sound right to you. The fun happy full of life your girl I love so much is now not so happy and full of life she has told us she thinks of suicide because no one cared enough to help her when it happened. It kills me to hear a young beautiful girl talk about ending her life she means the world to me she is my hero So needless to say we followed all the right roads and my little girl has still gotten no justice or ever a little satisfaction knowing people out there care. So my wife works for a sexual assault center so needless to say she is off work right now and I got laid off because its hard to work when you want to be there all the time to protect your child because you feel like you failed them. So our bills have been pilling we are months behind on our rent we are behind on months of car payments I fear we will lose them soon the landlords are understanding but can only wait so long and as a father I don't know what else to do I just want to see my kids smile again I want to see my wife not cry everyday. I just want to catch up on bills and be able to take my family someplace nice to take their minds off of all of this darkness. Thank you for listening and please if you want to know anything else don't hesitate to ask I didn't put a lot of detail because it is hard for me to think about we are about $15,000 in the hole and need a little help every little bit will hlp