Needed urgent to stop my friend to go for prostitution

Ankur, India

Hello All Good Hearted People there, I am ankur sagar I am a student and currently pursuing my doctorate. I have one friend from vietnam, She is a widow 28 years old have one son 2 years old and old father and mother for whom she take care. Recently she developed some illness and since can't be regular to her job she was fired. Now her bills are going up from last six months and she is in debt. She is looking forward to enter into prostitution as she is lured by some agents on behalf of financial help. Since I am a student and jobless so in this time i can't help her financially. Her Indebt from local people is around 15000$ for which her pay interest every month 1200$. I want to help her with this months Interest so that can have time to find the way to settle the issues and for her to find the job. So i request all the big hearted people out there to help save a girl from entering into prostitution. Thanks alot for your generosity.