Need winter clothes

Chica, Tennessee

Hello everyone. I am an 18 year old college student. I recently moved to Tennessee from another state, and it is very cold here. I only have summer clothes, and the clothes that I have are not appropriate for the weather. I am a plus size female and clothes can be pretty pricey. I normally shop at Walmart or target. I have no winter coat is appropriate shoes. I am not able to work due to vision problems.i have been looking for something's that I can do to earn money, but havebt had any luck. I do not get any type of income what so ever. I want to be able to get at least a few pair of jeans, socks, a pair of winter shoes, and possibly a jacket for the snow. Any type of help will be highly appreciated. I'm not use to this, but this was my last resort. Thank you, and have a blessed day.