Need urgent help to save my life and my family

Dbpbabu, India

My real message. I am really suffering to lead my family. Once i lived decent life, but now I lost my life. I lost my job and I depended on my job with loans. Suddenly my life changed.This beg is not for me only for my family to live up. I don't have any support, I naturally hesitate to ask help from others, but desparate time makes me to get help, now I am in unable position to live up with my family. Now My family depends little income with three children. I am not able to make them to educate and even foods. Due my lost my job i had debts($ 42000) and I am not able to clear it and every day I suffering to settle my debts, day to day it increases by interest. I almost lost every thing, finally I paste my feelings and trying to get help from full hearted people who trust my real life. Please help me to pay off my debts $42000. I have only two days time clear my debts. Otherwise they will take legal action procedures. Please trust me and i don't have any support in my life.I struggling hard with my family to save them. I am very greatful and faithful with you for saving my life. All are true and I am not having any ambition to become rich with others money and I am very honest in my life. But my life changed and I don't have faith in my life to come out my problems. I got mails from others but I could not find any help from them. Please trust me and help me. Please once again I beg you to save my life with your great heart. Trust me and help me Thanks lot, Reply me With regards dbpbabu