Need urgent Help

Abbas Mah, Germany C

Dear SIrs I am desperate and do not know any other solutIon so I decIded to publIsh my problems on thIs website. My name Is Abbas , I came to Germany as a refugee because I was agaInst IslāmIc Covernment In Iran.I need your help because wIthout your help I can not stand up. I have lost many years of my life to be recognized in Germany so I was not able to continue my studies here. I am working by a recruitment service in Cologne. My salary is not enough ,I suffer from Tinnitus which has made my life too hard and I have Macula Degeneration, which an eye Doctor has caused it with a false medical attendance and caused me this disease in my eyes. i have debt about 2000 euros and I have to help my sister in Iran who needs medical attendance and does n't have any money and I do not have money to pay to my dentist to care of my teeth. I live in a flat that I have to move to other Because my Lodging is too small and I do not have money to move to another one.. and I would like to set up a small Business and need financial help.. i need help from Generous people to solve so many financial problems which I have and I promise that I pay back the money again. I appreciate of everybody who is financial able to help such people like me. I will give more details and my personalities after a Generious person reply to my Request.the life is too hard to me and without the help of a Generous people I am not able to solve many problems which I am facing with them every day. I am Grateful in advance. Kind Regards