need to pay rent and food

Ineedhelp, Spain

I am 50 yrs old and have worked hard all my life even when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 34. Last year I had a bad year with my health and had 3 operations on my hands and then last December (15th) I was rushed to hospital in a critical state. I survived :) . This experience gave me the courage to live my lifelong dream so I sold up my house and move to Spain in May this year. My partner and I opened a small bar and everything was good. Then our life savings went from our account in October (still being investigated...long story) the long and short of it all we lost the bar, had to move to a small cheaper apartment. We both looked for jobs but being out of season very hard. I have found a job but I won’t be starting until the end of January so my first pay will not be until the end of February. We have 380 Euros left, rent of 350 due in 2 weeks and I need money to travel to work in January. If anyone can help I am not asking for 1000’s just enough for food, rent and travel money to get me by to payday in February. My Thanks in advance