Need to pay bills

Thom, London, E

Hi i have posted on here before with no such luck, i know there are others on here who are probably much more worthy but if anyone could please help me out with anything they can i would really appreciate it. Im behind on all my bills as rising costs has hit me hard and having just had no income for the last 2 months, i've literally exhausted all my resources and even lent money from friends which i can't pay back anytime soon. although they are aware of my situation, i'm worried it will put strain on my relationships with them. I suffer badly from mental illness, half the time i'm scared to leave my home and i just don't fit in society yet i'm forced to abide by the rules that we all must foillow. if i could just get away and live a sedentry life i would but even land is sparce because we are destroying nature to develop more property. And you have to pay to live these days in every way possible if you don't your seen as a failure and a burden on society, well society is messed up and i don't want to be a part of this so called civillisation yet i have no choice as i will be placed in prison or a mental home if i don't oblige. so here i am asking for any help possible so i can just cover the cost of all these ridiculous bills (that i do not have need for) i grow my own food and i am attempting to build myself a sustainable source of energy for hot water and such as i am a humanitarian/environmentalist. work is sparce for me as my skills are not necessary in this day and age and i would rather die than settle into a 9-5 in retail that barely covers the cost of living in the UK and hypocrisises my morals. so please anyone who shares my values and has some spare money to help me on my journey please do what you can. i will be eternally grateful and will do all i can to make extra money in future so i can pay these bills myself. Thank you. :)