need to get out of here

Moving fu, Reynoldsb

Hello Everyone, I am in a bad situation, I am living with my sister in her mother in law suite. nice of her huh. not even close, see I had a mobile home I was living in owned and paid for. Then her husband dies, so I agree to move in to help with bills and such 300 a month is what I pay here.Then I sold my trailer being I didn't want to pay rent at two places. She agreed to let me stay till i get another one. Then things got bad. They started to steal my food from my family even though I have a limited amount of food stamps. She makes 50k a year, but still has to steal my food With.her daughter smokes around my kids. Damaging my kids lungs lungs and when I confronted her, she even yelled at me. This is stuff I can at least try to handle. Here is a list of things I can not handle 1 She has a bad bug problem and will not get it fixed including bed bugs. (my kids are all ate up) 2. Her son attacks my son and daughter, Then says he doesn't but the marks are there. She says my kids lie. 3. In December i am out because my niece has to have a 2 b/r mother in law suite to her self (we only been her for about 6 months not even long enough to save for anything on my petty income) 4.Her daughter is inappropriate around my kids with her promiscuous ways 5. She attacked me physically for no reason (I know I should have put out a report on her but then me and the kids will be homeless) 6. My sister is kicking me family out around the holidays is the biggest thing for me. After helping her with income till her daughter got a job, And stabilizing her financial situation and emotional situation. I even put a cell phone for her and her daughter in my name. So please help me and my family. If I can come up with a down payment of 900$ I can get back into a trailer or something.I am a very proud person and as I write this I am crying. How have I become so low as to beg over the internet, for donations no less. If only I cared for myself and let my sister be. I would still be in my own home. Now I am begging PLEASE HELP ME