Need to get home to the girl I love

Donald, Ohio

1 year ago I flew back to Cincinnati, where I was born, to care for my mother who was diagnosed with brain cancer. 3 weeks ago, after a long fight, the cancer finally took her life. While I am relieved that she is no longer struggling, I'm out of work and flat broke, and desperately need to get back to the woman I love who lives in Fort Lauderdale Florida. She's currently living on her own, and struggling to pay bills month to month. If I could simply get to her now I could find work immediately and we could start our lives again. She's the only person left in my life that I have any major ties to, and I love her very very very much. All I'm asking for is a few hundred dollars to get on a plain, if anybody can spare the money. Please help! My email and paypay is: