Need Tires

I don’t know how this works..but I’ll start with this. My car has 120,000 miles and still has the original tires. I cannot afford new ones. I live in MN and winter is approaching. I know they could go at anytime but I cannot buy any. I can’t even pay the rent or buy groceries let alone tires. I am a single mom with a fifteen year old son. His dad is not in the picture and doesn’t help out. It hasn’t been too bad driving recently because we haven’t had rain or snow. I do work but coming up with 1,000 for tires is impossible right now. I make 17.00 an hour and work 30 hours a week and have my son all the time and pay all the bills. I don’t receive any assistance from the state if that matters (I make too much). My job is relatively new and before that I’d been working part time here and there because I couldn’t find a job since graduating college a few years ago. These tires hang over my head constantly with winter here. I would be grateful for one less thing to worry about.