Need money to pay off the debt!!!


Respected people, I am a 14 year old kid, who is asking money because, I want to help my parents pay off the mortgage (loan). I see my parents everyday trying hard to earn money, however, it seems very hard to be able to collect the huge amount which is i believe about $60,000. I really want to help my parents get rid of this debt, and this is the only way i can help them, because i cant do a part time job. I live very far from the city. Any donations would be very respected and will only get used for my aim stated above. I cannot see my parents suffering everyday. Any help would be very grateful. After i have reduced the burden of my parents from this loan. I will try to help others in the community to have a better life, that is my promise. Please contact me on , because i don't know how to setup my paypal account THANK YOU I feel like crying at the moment :(