Need money to pay bills

My name is Jill and I’m writing you concerning my financial debt.  I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 20 years ago. This disease doesn’t allow me to heal properly, and very often, I suffer severe stomach pain.  I am a stay at home Mom, and we raise a small herd of farm animals.  I believe my place is at home to be a proper Mom, with home cooked meals, house cleaned, tending to animals & garden.  Over the past few years we had unexpected breakdowns of our tractor & our truck used for our acreage.  We also had to do some home upgrades to keep the place going strong.  We don’t go on luxurious vacations (we never even flown on a plane), eat out, or wear designer clothes.  We shop at thrift stores, second hand stores and buy on sale items.  My husband works very hard at a processing plant and is doing all he can to provide the necessities.  Our bills have recently started to increase as our daughter was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease herself.  We’ve made many trips to the Children’s Hospital, 3 hrs away.  With gas prices at their highest, this is hard.  My daughter has reached disease stability by being placed on an injectable drug which costs $1400 an injection every 2 weeks.  Now, as our credit card bill has reached its maximum, our son is now showing signs of the disease and we await testing for him.  This may sound too bad/sad to be true, but it really is my life!!  Financial stressors are causing our Crohn’s disease to intensify and our whole family is unhappy.  This is not what I hoped for my children and definitely not what any child deserves.  I am very desperate!  Please if there is any way you can help with a donation, we would  appreciate your kindness.