Need Money To Live On This Month: Falling Between The Cracks & Owe Welfare Money

Falling_b, Montreal

Hi, I am in a difficult bind right now. I have run out of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits here in Canada and am in the process of applying for welfare benefits. Unfortunately I owe welfare hundreds of dollars from when I received my EI benefits. EI took 2 months to finally approve my application and welfare took time to approve my case too during that time. By the time my EI was approved, I owed my landlord months of rent and that's where all the extra money went. AND I although I am making a new welfare application this week, it will take weeks to process. I have fallen between the cracks of the government aid system and have nowhere to turn to, and no one in my life who can help me get through this rough patch. The medical on my welfare has also run out, as my doctor had put I had only a temporary constraint. Long story short, welfare will automatically deduct money from my cheque every month, when it does come in, to repay my debt to them. They will take $56 off my welfare cheque every month, until my debt to them is repaid. The amount welfare will pay me (which I have already received this past year, so know what the amount will be) is less than my $535 monthly rent. That does not cover money for food or to pay my bills. I have the lowest electrical bill possible at $45/month and my cellphone bill is $25 + tax a month. I have cut my bills and expenses down to the bone and just cannot survive on what I have. I have no savings left and am not well enough to work right now and need to see my doctor again. I also have expensive medications that I need, and have had to do without them some months this year. I am tired and weary and am exhausted from having to struggle to pay my rent and buy food. I owe my landlord this month's rent for this month. He has taken me to the rental board before, when I had trouble paying my rent, to try to have me evicted. But when you get less than $535/month to live on from welfare, you end up having to choose between having food to eat and having electricity in your house OR paying your rent. It is a very tough choice. I have chosen one or the other before and either one is tough to live with. And yes, I have used the services of my local food bank but it is not free. They charge to open an account with them and charge a weekly fee as well. People think that food from all food banks is free but that is not the reality in my neighbourhood. I have seen social workers for help with this and so I know of all the local resources. I really need money right NOW so I can stop my landlord from trying to evict me again, and also have enough food to eat and a warm apartment to live in. At one point I had my electricity cut off for 3 months and that was not an experience I want to repeat. Taking cold showers is not fun. Can you please help me NOW? Any contribution would be appreciated. I want to get myself out of this situation but I need help to make it through this month. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.