Need money to go volunteering

Help me v, Belgium

I am a girl from 21, that is born and lives in Belgium. Yeah, that small country between Holland, France and Germany that didn't had a government for 541 days.. (I still do not get it..) Because my parents are really poor, I am a student, I can't get enough money from work, and have to pay back €5000 I can not manage to make my dream come true without someones help. Normally I'll never do this but i am desperate. :) My dream is to make a work and travel(volunteering) traveltrip at the end of this year to Asia (Thailand, India, Indonesia, cambodja,..) and help chilldren with mental problems because they are victums of child abuse.(I know we have our priest here that made a lot of young victums but in Asia they don't get the same/enough help and compassion.) Also i want to go to Australia and help on organic farms, in National parks and on animal farms. (kangoroo, pinguins, ..) I want to get a lot of experience and finally think clear. I want to see how everything goes on the other side of the world and help out where i can.. Do something really good in my life, something that feels right, helping other people and giving animals hope. :) I am very sorry that I bother you with this. But if I don't try, I don't know, right? :) please make my dream come true! It would be amazing if you can help me out with this. Thank you so much!!! Sorry if i made some faults in my writing, or if I was rude in some phrases. My English isn't that well. :) Thank You For Your Time, I Am Pleased!