Need money to get out of current financial hole

Current s, Amherst,

I'm 22, Male, born in Halifax and diagnosed with Autism at the age of 9. I'm currently living in an apartment for two with a close friend of mine whom had lived in Ottawa for many years until I met him online (in a gaming community that I run myself), and eventually had rescued him from his abusive father via saving loose money for 2 years and reaching him by train. The plan was, we'd work together to help out with our mental issues, and try to find work to get a place of our own. Thankfully with the help of my family, we were able to get an apartment, which is where we are living now as room-mates. Unfortunately, this made my family completely broke. My grandparents are on fixed income, and my mother is unable to work due to injuries and fibromialgia. My grandmother on my father's side just passed away about a week ago(grandfather passed back in 1994), and My father is completely irresponsible with his money and while he should be helping support us, apparently to him his truck has more priority. Currently, I'm trying to find work through CANSA and online job searches, and I'm having little to no luck. The cost of the apartment is $780 a month, which is over what Social assistance is willing to cover. ($590 rent + $200 food = $790) Leaving us unable to buy food or any necessities. My friend and I have been needing to rely on my own family to help us with food and other financial burdens (Phone/Internet Bill - $96, Server Bill $112)... and they can't keep doing this, they themselves are struggling, and I don't want to be a burden on them, they don't deserve that. The situation has gotten worse as well. My friend/room-mate's PC has bitten the dust. It appears the liquid cooler in the system happened to be defective, and the CPU overheated to the point of melting the motherboard's backing. The extreme temperature also damaged one of his hard drives, making him lose years of work and personal documents. He, along with myself run an online community that require our near undivided attention, so I don't want to leave him out of the loop for too long. Aside from that, I can't afford to replace the Motherboard, CPU, and Hard Disk, since I have the bills to cover. I also don't want to come begging to my family again, as I don't think it would be too fair to them, having already helped us a ton. Would someone out there in a better financial situation than I, lend a helping hand? I need to raise about $800, which would allow us to replace the parts, and give us a buffer to keep us from going under and losing this apartment. Thank you to anyone out there who'll consider helping us out.