Need money to fix my keyed and egged car

Help a hi, South Tex

My car got keyed and has been egged a couple of times, and I was quoted $400 for the entire car which would be repainting of the keyed side and touch ups on the egg shell marks. Glady I am going off to UT-Austin for college and will be away from these idiots who have expressed their feelings on my poor car, but at the same time, I need to fix this before i take off to Austin as my parents are not to happy about it. As it is I don't qualify for financial aid, so I will be paying for tuition and dorm by myself, and that doesnt leave me much for "car expenses". If you find it in your heart to help someone out, than I will be accepting any amount of donations, every cent counts, especially for a high school senior who does not have a job. I would but I have responsibilities at the house and I'm in extra curricular activities at the moment along with church duties. Thanks for everything :)