Need money to buy an airline ticket plus downpayment to apartment

Gudo1983, NJ

Hi, my name is Philip. I'm living in NJ. In 2009, I lost my job. I was a Dietary Aide in a hospital. I worked there for four years. I was unemployed for two years until I got a job as a File Clerk at the main (same) hospital. I'm just working on weekends and just getting $600 per month. I'm still living with my family in an apartment and I'm sharing to pay some home bills and personal bills. Last year, I started to petition my wife. She will be interviewed next month. Since she has the appointment, I have to start looking for an apartment to ready. My problem is, I don't have enough money for the down payment. It is like ranging from $2000-$2500. One more is for the airline ticket. I promised her that I will accompany her coming here. So I have to purchase a two-way ticket for me and one-way ticket for her and it is like $2500. All-in-all, I need $5000. We were in dating relationship for nine years and just married two years ago. The last time I'm with her was two years ago and that was after we get married. We are so excited to be with each other and start living here. I hope you can help me. Any amount is welcome and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance.