Need Money For Stay, food and debt

Ichiya, Solok, We

I have stopped working since the middle of last year because I had to taking care of my sick mother. Most of my saving money were used for my mother's medical expenses, and now it only $0.83 remain in my bank account. I've Tried to applied jobs, but I got only rejection. Now I need money to rent a room or flat to stay which is cost $70 per month, I am gonna need 2 or 6 month before I got a new job, so the rent expenses its gonna be $ 210 and my money is not enough for that, beside that I still need to pay more medical expenses, its about $300. maybe I would need $ 600 as a whole, and it all i will use to pay rent, medicine, necessities of life and other costs that I need until I get a job. I really hope you can help me, no matter how much the value of your donations, I really appreciate it. I hope god bless you for your kindness. Thanks you very much