Need money for living and to help my family

Povertyma, Poland

Greetings, everyone. I'm a ukrainian guy writing you from Poland, where I currently work with a working visa on a window factory for 3$/hour 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Recently, life for our family has became really harsh. My grandfather had died and we made quite a big debt because we didn't have money for his funeral. My mother had her thyroid gland removed five years ago and now has to take a lot of expensive medications and undergo radiation therapy every year a few times(she stopped doing it recently because we had no money). My mother and grandmother receive pensions(50-60$) that with current prices are barely enough for life. My salary back in Ukraine was around 300$. For past few years I've been pretty suicidal, but couldn't kill myself, because I knew, that my relatives would be sad if I do that. So I decided to struggle. But money I earn here are simply not enough, and if I return to Ukraine, I'd mostly likely be drafted and then I won't be able to earn any money at all. Since aside from having a meager pay(10-250$), many soldiers have to wait months to get their salary. Although the pay isn't the biggest problem, if you get drafted. The equipment army provides soldiers with is either a low-quality garbage or a soviet/ww2 era one. So people here usually gear up themselves, because the stuff they supply you with in army leave a little room for survival. The same goes for guns. And the military tech and vehicles are mostly defective. So I ask you guys for help because I want to make life for my mother and grandmother easier and I want also want to set my life straight. I'd be grateful to anyone who can help me.