Need money for debt

Hendrik, South Afr

Hi, my name is Hendrik. I'm a Schizophrenic and am currently unemployed. I currently receive a government grant of $99 USD a month. As you can imagine, it's not enough to support me and it only lasts a few days. As of now my dad and my mom are in debt because of me. I need money to pay off some debt that I got into. I was scammed by a Nigerian scammer that took $2450 USD from me. he convinced me that I was going to receive $25 000 000 USD, and all I needed to do is pay some bank fees. I was very gullible and believed him. I borrowed the money from my Dad and now I need to pay it back. I also took a school final year course, I borrowed $950 USD from my Mom. All I need is between $50 and $3400 USD, Any amount will help at the moment. Thank you for reading this and if you feel that you could help me with whatever amount, please pay the funds into my PayPal account ( and it will be much appreciated. All the money I receive will go to my parents and will help allot. Please don't contact me and ask for a fee before you give me any funds as I do not have any money for fees and I will not pay any money for fees as this is how scammers work and that is how I was scammed. From me, I would like to thank every and any one who makes a small donation as this is very helpful and without it I will be lost. I'm struggling to find work because for me as a Schizophrenic, it is difficult to work with other people. I am on medication and stable but it's still difficult. Thank you