Need money for daughter's medical bills (rape victim)

I don't like talking about this at all and I wouldn't be on here if I felt I had any other option. I'm the father of a beautiful 18 year old girl who was planning on starting college this year in the hopes of eventually becoming a kindergarten teacher. A couple weeks ago though, something terrible happened that could possibly change these plans for a while. My daughter was at a party a couple weeks ago and was apparently approached by two guys who raped her and beat her very badly until she was unconscious when she tried to fight them off. She lost a significant amount of blood and is still in a coma and the doctor still doesn't know when she's going to come out of it. Meanwhile, I'm on disability (which is paying barely enough to stay alive) for a back injury I sustained at work back in April of this year so I'm pretty much broke right now. I recently received by first round of medical bills for this ordeal and I don't have anywhere near the amount of money they're asking for and I suspect there's more to come the longer this goes on. This is already a miserable experience not knowing for sure whether I'll get my daughter back and then these bills on top of it... I just don't know what to do. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could find it in their hearts to help out with this right now.