Need Money for Books/Supplies and Loan Payments

Inner Cit, Massachus

Growing up in a deprived neighborhood never had its ups. Always looking for a way to make a dollar just to help my father put food on the table for a family of five. Going to School and staying away from the peer pressure did pay off, as you can see now I'm in an Ivy League College. Although these schools are the best of the best, going into my second year I now see that the cost is becoming a burden on me. Not having enough money for books, engineering supplies, and gas is wearing me out. I started a great task by being ambitious and I'm dedicated to complete it. My family still needs me and I will do my father, who raised me on his own and showed me how to be a man for 20 years, a great justice by being that successful person he raised me to be. He taught me to never give up or give in. The stress is really getting to me and my younger siblings need my example for their ample futures. Thank you for your consideration. Deo Gratia!!!