Need money for bills

Army Vete, Garland

I’m in desperate need of help paying my bills. I am a Veteran of the US Army. I was working a full job making good money but I injured my knee and was fired. I’m trying to sue them for worker comp but It has been 3 months and I am drowning in dept. My wife and our 3 kids had to move out of our apartment. We owe our old landlord $1000. We now rent one small room in a house. It is cheapest place we could find. We are behind on rent. I am behind 2 payments on my truck it will probably get reposed soon if I don’t figure something out. My insurance is past due. I couldn’t pay my phone bill so I have no phone now. I need help to get back on my feet. We were already on food stamps before this happened. I am reaching out for some help. I have zero dollars in my wallet and the bills are mounting. I can’t pay rent and my kids are going to need some more clothes soon. My son is 4 and his shoes hurt his feet. My 9 year old daughter will need school clothes. I don’t have any gas money. I just need some cash to help take care of my family.