Need money for a business

Jogi1985, Spring Te

First off I would like to thank anyone and everyone for taking the time out of there day to spend reading this post and to let you into my life for a few minutes I hope that while you read this you read the words and can picture it. Ive lived a rough life in and out of jails and prisons since I was 9 years old. I am 27 now been out for 2 years to the day clean and sober. The last time I went to jail I was 23 I will never forget that year because I lost 2 little brothers in 3 months to drunk driving. I will never forget the letter finding out and the promise that I made them that I would get my life together and live my life for them and live the best that I can and will. As of a couple months ago I registered a business and trying to work my way up to making a good living. So I will go straight to the point I been trying to get loans for my business no one will give me one because of my credit. I know that if I can get the money I will be able to get the ball rolling. If you ask if I am begging for help I am, and truly need a blessing someone who will be that blessing and give me a second chance at life and to prove to myself and my family and the world that I can be something and that are past doesn't define us but only makes are stronger to conquer the future. My goal is to reach 13000 but any donation is great and I will cherish your blessing. I would even take it as a loan If that was possible. I want to thank you again for your time and I pray that you are the answer to my prayers and my second chance. IF needed I will provide you with my business license. Your donation will truly help thanks again and I hope you and your family has a great day. My paypal email is please contact me if you have a question thanks