Need Help Very Urgent

Dear reader, I am completely drown in debts. I am father of a baby girl and my wife is dependent on me. I was living happily before I jumped into loans market. It was my mistake. After buying many things by loans now I have realised that my monthly income has become in negative. I am getting around 50 thousand as an income per month and paying around 48 thousand as Loans's EMIs. If you are going to help me you will actually help 3 human beings. When I will be able to re-pay all the loans, there is a possibility that I will pay it back to you. I need at least $100000 to repay all my debts. Bank are threatening me now if I would not be able to pay them in time. I am not very good at writing but I have written which is a bitter truth of my life. Account Number-031501532393 Bank Name-ICICI Bank Call/Message me for more details-9828159770