need help to visit my family

Jon, Tel-aviv,

i moved to israel from ohio some years ago, and have been living here in tel-aviv with my israeli wife and our 2.5 year old daughter. i came here alone, so we try to visit my family in the states as often as we can afford to, but lately, the cost of airfare and the addition on our beautiful daughter to the mix has made these trips harder and harder to afford. understandably, no one in my family wants to come here due to the current "political situation", so the only way for my daughter to know my side of the family is for us to go there. we've fallen on hard economic times recently and just can't afford to fund a trip for the 3 of us. ordinarily, i'd just put it off until times were better, but i'm worried that my 96 year old grandmother won't be clear headed enough to enjoy our little darling, if we wait another year to travel. my grandmother has been a rock for me all my life, and its very important that she meet and enjoy her great granddaughter. the last time she saw her, our little girl was still an infant. i want my grandmother to know her now that she's blossoming into a great little girl. grandma's still sharp as a tack, but i worry about how much longer that will last. my other grandmother died last october and it really got to me in a big way. i'm not one to ask for handouts, but i'm concerned that time's ticking. ANY help that ANYONE can give would be immensely appreciated by all of us. thanks. -jon