Need Help to Recover from a Divorce.

Liz, Kentucky

Need Help - Recovering from Divorce It's very difficult to write a request like this - I need some help. I'm praying that the right person comes across this post to read it. I've pulled myself up by my bootstraps my entire life - relied on my own efforts and never sought out help from the outside. Even from family, because I do not have a lot of family. Really it's just my mom and I and she isn't able to help. Okay so here it goes - my semi life story - about to pour my heart out to you all: Married a man who I thought was going to pursue becoming a minister and put my own education on hold to work 60 hours a week to pay for it. A year in, he quit and didn't know what he wanted to do or be. All the money I had poured into the tuition was for nothing. The second year of marriage went on and he failed to hold even an hourly job. He quit over 9 jobs in 18 months and was fired from the tenth for poor work performance. Meanwhile without my knowledge he had taken credit card in my name and ran up the bill thousands of dollars - constantly hiding the mail from me until one day I got a call from the company asking about fraudulent charges. Then there was an issue with pathological lying that came to the surface during the year long therapy and counseling I tried to save the marriage. Long story short - in the end he didn't want to work. Not for a living and not on the marriage. He abandoned the marriage and me. He left me with a lot of bills that he ran up, took the valuables and then he filed for divorce from another state. My ex had drained the accounts before he left town. I had to hire an attorney from out of state so I wouldn't have to travel back and forth. My ex wasn't just okay burning up accounts under my name - he also didn't want to pay a penny of the debt he left me with so he had his mother hire an attorney to fight splitting the debt. My attorney told me we would definitely be able to get it over with quick and settled and over with so I could move on. But the months kept going. Then I was laid off from my job of 3 years. I had to move back in with my mother after getting no calls on my applications and resumes I was sending out. All in all the divorce dragged on nearly a year with my ex dragging out everything, refusing to settle anything and causing my legal fees to run up. My attorney finally came back and said the only way we could get it over with was for me to take the debt myself. So to get it over with after a year of legal mess I agreed. My mother was very upset and thinks the attorney set me up to push up fees over a year. End story - 3 years of marriage down the drain, abandoned by my husband with over $6,000 in debt he charged and over $8,000 in legal fees from my ex fighting paying the debt. Laid off. I need help. My heart sank when I got the bill from the attorney - I had expressed to him all along how concerned I was over fighting over a fixed debts and he kept pushing me. I had no clue how much he was taking onto the bills. I've paid some of this stuff down but I've gotten two letters from the attorney's office demanding payments. I'm tapped out - and really need help. Any type of donation to help me out of this and onto my feet would be beyond appreciated. All I can offer is eternal gratitude for helping me in my need and a personal thank you letter - if you are uncomfortable with me snail mailing a thank you letter to your physical address then I can email it to you. If you are willing to help please email me through here and I will reply with my email address for you send anything you wish to help. I have a feeling that some people may send me harsh 'hate' emails for asking for help on here in a forum like this so I will only reply with my email to those who are genuine in wanting to help. Thank you to everyone who has even read to this end of this message - and thank you times a million for any kind words of encouragement or help you can provide. Sincerely, Recovering from Divorce